Laundry Room Makeover Inspiration

So I’m elbows deep in an unexpected Laundry Room Makeover project…and I just had to share some inspiration.

I have a tiny tiny budget so I’m going for the greatest bang for the smallest dollar…also known as painting.   My plan is to paint everything excluding floor and appliances :).  

I am just giddy about how amazing this room is going to turn out.  So thank you {TheInspiredRoom} for inspiring my new overhauled Laundry Room!!!!

Inspiration: light, airy and grey & white cabinets!!!

I anticipate getting this project complete in the next month and under $200 (not including the schoolhouse light fixtures that I want and just may not get since they are crazy expensive)…fingers crossed and here’s to Dreaming Big!  I can’t wait to share my progress!

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