Friday, April 5, 2013

{DIY} Brush Stroke Art

Easiest DIY art project i have done to date would be my Brush Strokes Art that currently hangs in my master bath.   The wall was blank, boring and desperately in need of something to make my poor paint color choice seem, well...less poor!  
I had a huge canvas and acrylic paint from an old DIY art project that i never got around to doing so i came up with this quick and easy solution.  For now, it works.  It fills my wall, and feeds my longing for a HUGE {made by girl} painting, and it was essentially FREE.  Mommy likes Free.

I just took deep green paint and started on each side and worked my way in, adding white to lighten the color until i liked the next shade.  In general my style is pretty clean cut, so I actually really like the one color with gradual shading.  It feels clean and precise, which works for me!
Then I was having a really hard time finding some yellow art for my powder room so I made one for in there too...

So that's about the extent of my artistic talents.  It's kind of ironic when it's on the wall cornered between two of my talented sisters pieces or art.   It really puts me to shame...but what the heck free and customized...I'm down with that.

 - Katie


  1. ooooo I really like this project! I definitely need to try this! I love simple DIY art like this!! This is a great way to add a specific color into a space with art. Thanks for sharing!

    Marie H.

    1. Hey Thanks's so simple and easy! PS I have another one like this that i did for our master bedroom...I hope to post it next week!


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