$16 Gallery Art || Simplified and DIY’d

Back with another Master Bedroom Project!

The First obvious change is the amazeballs dark walls walls in Chelsea Gray, Benjamin Moore.  I’m seriously in love with this color…it’s super masculine and warm.  It’s one of those colors that can go with everything…brown, blue, black…its a chameleon!

{Here is the link to before pics}

Second update is our $16 Gallery Wall.   If you’ve been to my house you would know I have an affinity for gallery walls..I think this is now my 5th! First step is admitting you have a problem….point of reference {Savannah’s Room},  the other 3 will eventually make their entrance.

OK…back to the master bedroom.   Here is a shot of the cheapest Gallery wall in my house!

$16 Gallery Wall Cost Break Down:

Large Gold Frame $5.99  (goodwill)

2 Small Gold frame $4.99  (goodwill)

Paper – $.75   {paper mojo}

2 Keys – $4.00  (ben franklin)
everything else DIY’d or already owned

**All the other frames were randoms I had from our old house.  These got cleaned, primed and painted with my favorite Gold Leaf Paint…I raved about this product here in my {Poppin’ Tags Post}!

For a less structured gallery wall, I always think a few pieces of art are a great way to center the design. I typically do 1 or 2 in the largest frames (and hang those first).  For this wall I decided not to buy any art and just DIY!  Introducing my new friends…Gold Love and Gold Wishbone art.   These are made with my favorite {gold leaf paint}, I’m so obsessed with gold right now, I always have a bottle of this on hand!  

My talented sister {Liz McDonald} designed and printed our wedding invitations and they were just too beautiful to not display…so I put a frame on it.   PS that was on my to do list for 3+ years..i got the lazy bone!

Here i just typed and framed our wedding vows…we wrote them so they really mean so much to me!  

And finally some rustic keys I purchased from Ben Franklin got sprayed painted white and dipped with gold.  And my framed pirouette marbled paper…I posted about those {here}

Once I hang my larger frames I just play with the smaller ones to fill in gaps and create as much balance and symmetry as possible.

Also, I have a Design Tips board on Pinterest where I gather…you guessed it, design tips!  There are some great tools and suggestions on how to hang gallery art {Check it out and follow}!

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