Friday, May 24, 2013

Full Wall Wainscoting || Part 2

Sorry for the PM post today...but finding time to DYI and blog has been a little tricky over here in the Cole household.  Good news is that this week Savannah decided she is a big girl now and she only sleeps in her big girl bed!   Hooray for her confidence and I'm pleased that I never had to force this transition, but I'll be honest I have had to "guide" her back into bed a handful of times which most certainly bit into mommy time!  
But today...I'm back with Part 2 of the Full Wall Wainscoting Project...if you missed Part 1 check it out here.

So here is where we left off...
Full Wall Wainscoting || Part 1  
1)  Mark & Measure
2)  Cut Wood
3)  Bond and Nail  

Full Wall Wainscoting || Part 2
4) Set Nails, Fill holes & Sand:  This part is very self explanitory....literally set the nails (hammer and nail set), fill the holes with a lightweight spackle and sand.
5) Caulking:  For best caulking results I think a high quality gun it key.  I used a paintable caulk for interior/wood use and took care to cut the tip on an angle (I think it helps with application).  For this job, I always have a garbage bag and a roll of paper towels near will wipe off a lot of excess {here are my favorite caulking accessories}.  This job can get messy!
Next week I hope to share a big reveal!  I have a ton of priming and painting to do this weekend!
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