Building a Fence || Part 1

Today would be the one week mark into one seriously MAJOR project…we are DIY’ing a new fence and saving ourselves some serious bones doing this project ourselves!  

A little back-story: When we bought this house there were 2 very large clusters of un-contained Bamboo…unhappy face.  After Andy spent 40+ hours of digging – I’m seriously NOT exaggerating – we got a glimpse of what condition our fence was in!  One side of our fence is new and fabulous….the rest was OLD and rotten.

Here are a few pictures of the fence in the Before state…

The left corner in the above picture is where the bamboo forest was…and below is the other part of the fence…you can’t see from the picture but sections had already started to fall over.

I was surprised to learn that building a fence requires very few items…just large quantities of those items.   Large especially since we are re-building at least 150 feet of fence.  Below you can see the 2×4 treated boards, ceder planks, fencing brackets and concrete. We ordered everything from Home Depot and I had a 10% off coupon to use so we saved some cheese!   

If you know me, you know I love me some coupons!

Random Fact:  I actually am a coupon clipper….it’s been a while since I maintained my coupon binder..yes i have a binder…but for reals if you can find the time to do it, you can save money!

My Dad and Andy did most of the Demo…I helped some where possible but my seriously debilitating fear of spiders…lame I know it…kept me from really getting down and dirty.   Or should I say it came in handy:).  But seriously, I must be a city girl at heart…what the heck is up with all these dang spiders out here in the Burbs!  I’m convinced they smell my fear!!!

When we removed one big chuck of fence we found the main culprit behind the poor fence condition….oh it’s just a Full Wall of Ivy…I had to use a chain saw to cut it.

We did have to take a lot of breaks…this might be the most memorable shot of the decade…my heart is melting…and I just love the Teddy photobomb.

The best part about the fence repairing/re-building was that we only had to replace 4 fence posts…very exciting since the jackhammer thingie…that’s a technical term:)…was pretty crazy intense.   Thankfully my Dad did all that concrete digging/breaking…literally he did it all by himself!   Andy was off making the money honey and I was busy yelling at spiders.

And here is where we sit today…our new horizontal beams are up for half of the project and hopefully by the end of the weekend Andy and my Dad will have this part planked! 

Best part about the new fence = not having to worry about our tiny pup or the neighbors tiny pups sneaking through the gaping rot holes.  

This project is rockin’ and rollin’ and I think we’ll have it completed and stained by the 4th of July!  I’ll be back with a final reveal soon and I promise pictures of Andy with power tools…which might eventually get framed.

Can’t wait to share this completed project…which would NOT by happening with out my AMAZING Dad!   

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