Thursday, June 6, 2013

May Revisited and Sincerest Thanks!

I apologize that my Monthly re-cap is late...but where the heck did May go!?  And how the heck did we get this far into June already!?  If asked, I would say that May was one wild ride!  On a personal note we had some pretty amazing things happen this month...our very first adult vacation to Hawaii - woot woot.  Savannah started sleeping in her Big Girl Bedroom and we said bye bye to diapers.  And I quit my job!   Wahoo to being a SAHM Mom, I'm doing a giddy dance...shakin my booty in celebration.   I'm 2 weeks into the the hardest job I will ever have and I'm loving it, I have no doubt this going to be a wild ride!
So on with the bloggie recap and here are a few of my favorite and most popular highlights of the Month!

And Sincerest Thanks to every single reader that visits The Habits! I have been so lucky to have some really cool features though Linky Parties and I am so over the moon excited about all the new visitors to the blog!   If you haven't already, connect in any way you can...Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Join my site with Google Friend Connect.  Thanks so much and visit back soon...I have plenty more projects on deck and some super cool rooms to reveal!



  1. Wow! Your blog is awesome! I can't believe you've only been doing this a few months. You need 1000 followers asap because everyone else is missing out. :)

    1. Thanks so much for checking out the Blog and for following! You are too kind...1000 followers here I come :)


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