Friday, July 19, 2013

Consolidated Storage || Garage Dreamin' Phase 2

OK..I'm back with another phase completed of our Garage Dreamin' Project....I'm so excited to cross off another project on this 5 part list! 
#2) Consolidate Storage
#3) Consolidate Utility Space
#4) Crazy Cool Work Station
#5) Insanely Sweet Workout Space
 This project was darn simple and cost $0...Boomshakalaka!
Here is a Project Recap of steps we took to Consolidate Storage:
Cleaned really well!
Painted Walls - White Dove Benjamin Moore
Painted Plywood Shelves - Chelsea Grey Benjamin Moore
Removed old desk/table from under the shelving 
Added 4th row of shelving which allowed us to consolidate to one space for storage (Plywood and wall braces were left over materials - already owned)
Painted old nasty fridge Chalkboard - so fun!
Again I was shocked to feel the impact of the white walls and ceiling...everything is considerably brighter and feels so much cleaner.  Plus with the consistency in wall and shelving color the storage bins are much easier on the eye.  And who doesn't love the new Chalkboard Fridge!
And don't think for a second that I escaped this part without any big nasty spidies....oh yes another big daddy came crawling out right as I was taking these pictures..they are after me!
Here are the Before and Afters to date for the Garage Dreamin' Project...and here is the {link} for Phase 1 of the project!
Mini Mudroom Makeover
Garage Glam Stairs
Consolidated Storage

So the next phase #3) Consolidate Utility Space might take a few weeks to get rolling because we HAVE to finish the fence project before we get started.   But 'm super excited for this phase because my Dad is going to teach me how to patch drywall!   YES!  



  1. It is getting there! :) Your fridge is rockin' the chalkboard paint. :)

    1. Thanks steps for sure. Next up I think we are going to jump in to the floor painting!!!

  2. Um this garage is unreal!! Very motivating indeed! I'm taking notes...

    House envy

    1. Thanks Laura! Glad you are inspired! It has taken a lot of motivation on my part to keep giving this space the needed attention! thanks for checking out the post!


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