Z Gallerie Inspired || $5 Fabulous Coasters

And our second $5 Fabulous Projects is…Z Gallerie Inspired Coasters!
Check out our very first $5 fabulous which was our {Garage Glam Stairs}
OK back to business…has anyone been to Z Gallerie lately?   Maybe it’s me…but I was certainly diggin’ the goods a little more than normal this last visit!   I was so in love I was creepily taking pictures whilst trying to not be noticed by the sales people…yup I’m that girl who turns over the coasters and yells “TWENTY DOLLARS!” and then immediately takes a picture so I can DIY.

So here are a few of the awesome accessories that I loved! 

There were many more lovelies but many were non-DIY hopefuls and what’s the fun in that?!!!

 So here are my Z Gallerie Inspired…well, actually more like “knock off” Coasters.

Z Gallerie Coaster  – $20

My{DIY}Habits Coasters – $2.30 

($2.30 because I already owned all the other material except the coasters)

{DIY} Z Gallery Coasters Supplies and Price List:

MDF Coasters – Ben Franklin – $2

Craft Tape – (already owned but a roll is typically about $3ish)

Primer – (already owned)

Gold Leaf Paint- (already owned)

White High Gloss Spray Paint –  (already owned but a can typically costs about $4)

Polyurethane Spray Paint Finish – (already owned)

1 Square of Felt – $0.30

Super Glue – (already owned)

Total Cost for me: $2.30

{DIY Z} Gallery Coasters How To:

This ones crazy simple…just follow the pictures!

after I pealed off the tape I touched up with some white acrylic paint..totally optional.  Once dry I sprayed 2 coats of a polyurethane spray paint.

Then I added some felt to the backside…securing with super glue. 

Aside from my killer thrift store coasters that I found last week…this is the first complete set of coasters that I have ever owned…I feel so mature!

I have a couple other Z Gallerie inspired projects that I we’ll be back with next week.  So until then have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to hop on back here next week…I’ll love you for it!!

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