Z Gallery Insired Decor || Glam Tray

So last week I posted about these fabulous {Z Gallerie Inspired Coasters} (aka Toddler Frisbee) and today I have another fabulous project that was inspired by that same trip to Z Gallerie.

Check out our new Glammed up serving tray!!!  I like to tell people that this tray is business in the front and party in the back!

I’m gunna get a little frank here and let you all in on a little secret…I’m slightly obsessed white and Gold and Greek Keys at the moment.   I’m sure no one noticed this though…wink!

As you can see the tray was just a basic wood one from Target..I think they sell for around $13.  And now all glammed up it fit way better in the room…oh and it will look amazeballs with my {improved built-ins and covered brick fireplace}!

So here is a quick how to….this one is a no brain-er and if you craft…you probably own everything needed for this project. 

Greek Key Glam Tray Supplies List:


Primer and Paint (recommend spray paint)


Exacto knife

Gold Paint Sharpie

Brad Nails (scrap-booking materials)

Super Glue

I cut the backs off the Brad Nails so they could be glued flush with the tray.

For the stencil I printed and enlarged an image found online and then used an exacto knife to cut out the image.   Then I traced and painted the image with a Gold Paint Sharpie Pen.   I actually bought this pen for my {Glam Frames} and was not impressed with the look…but I was so pleased with how it turned out for this project….the sharpie pen gets my approval now!

Then I glued on my brad nails in the desired fashion and voila!

I hope enjoyed this little crafty project because this might be one of the last ones for a while…I’m about to embark on some big Home DIY projects!  I’m so excited to get my power tool on!!!  

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