Friday, March 29, 2013

Laundry Room FAIL!

DAMN IT_DAMN IT_DAMN IT!!!   My Cabinate Door just bite the dust.  Yesterday I literally drove 2 blocks with my beautifully freshly painted white cabinet door on the hood of my car (where I had intentionally placed for safe keeping)...and of course I did not notice it was there until I heard the thudding sound of my SUV driving over it!  

The damage is done and there is no point in even salvaging the thing.  It's shredded, cracked in 4 places and just plain ruined!   

The shelving is really hot right I'm down.
Down side...I now have to explain some choice vocabulary words to Savannah...mommy FAIL!  
The Victim...
Yes...those are tire marks
shredded at the corners - craked in 4 places
The new Game Plan...
Open concept shelving...hope in works in the laudry room!
Now I have to get back out the primmer and paint...i may have just added a few more days to my laundryroom timeline!  Oh the joys of {DIY}...
 - Katie

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Herringbone Floors..Prettiest Darn Floors EVER!!!

My Herringbone floors are quite possibly the Prettiest Darn Floors EVER!  This is one of the projects I'm most proud of and was defiantly daring in project complexity.  But lets be honest I'm patting my own back...and air patting my Dads (he's the king and helped so much).  
We ROCK and these floors are just FAB-U-LOUS!!! 
In horrible fashion I did forget to take a Before pictures of the powder room (so flippin annoyed) let me just assist in conjuring up images.  Think early 80's, very dirty tan carpet, puffy wall paper - just slightly ripping from the wall...50 shades of cream and then some fancy gold accent.  Did that help?  Obviously a powder room overhaul was on my dream list...and at the very least this room was screaming for new flooring!

So after a few long nights, a case of beer and lots and lots of fabric softener...I got my wallpaper ripped out, Patched/Textured my walls, Primed my walls and Painted every inch of the room.  Then my Dad and I got to favorite part!  Watch out now...I'm the proud owner of a crowbar and sledge hammer...Get It Guuurl!

Laying the tile was not super difficult...just getting everything squared with the un-even walls was the biggest challenge.  My Dad and I had a good rhythm going...he cut the tile and I laid the work was definitely necessary and really helped maximize time spent.

Here is a shot of the work in progress, I found lots of pictures on {Houzz} to get an idea of how to accomplish the look.  I Just started in the corner, measured a 45 degree angle away from the wall and worked my way down and across...making sure that the tiles were snugly placed and up tight to all the spacers. 

Dad admiring the Hard Work...

Tiling the floor took in total about 8 hours (strategizing, cutting, laying the tile, and grouting).  We blocked off about 3 hours on a Saturday and again on a Sunday..which was good because it is pretty hard on your back and knees.  Over that weekend we worked frantically to get everything laid - we had to get the project completed by March b/c we had about 50 people coming over for Savannah's Birthday!!!  Then it took another 2 hours for grouting.  So worth every hour spent and penny saved by doing it ourselves. 



{DIY} Herringbone Tile Project
***you can pretty much get everything you need from Home Depot
  • A Vision...seriously map out your project and measure twice - we had 1 tile left over and had purchased way more square feet then we needed. We seriously cut it close (no pun intended).
  • A Rockin' Dad who's a maniac on the tile saw and willing to dedicate some real man hours to your DIY Dreams
  • Wet Saw - Tile Saw Obvi - you can get a cheap one from Home Depot for under $80 or rent one!
  • Tile - I had such a hard time finding the perfect size and I had to go to 4 different tile stores to find a 4x6 tile that was polished and the right color.  I could have used a subway tile but I really wanted the least amount of grout possible. I found my tile at {Builders Interiors in Woodinville}.  I worked with Tiffany, but everyone there was very helpful and awesome! Plus they were so nice to Savannah even while she tried hard to tear that place apart!
  • {Thin set Mortor} - get the powder don't get the ready mixed....word on the street is the powder bonds better.
  • {A Trowel} to lay the mortor
  • Tile spacers - we used 1/8th"
  • Grout - again get the powder formula and mix at home - if you are going under 1/16th" or less on the spacers you can do non-sanded grout, anything over you should use sanded.  I bought mine from Builders Interiors and they did great helping me color match!
  • {A Float} to help with application of grout.
  • {A Square Tool Thingie} (that would be a technical name :)) to make sure you are square from the wall - really only need for laying those first 4-5 tiles across the top.
And if you don't know how to tile or grout...Google it, Bing it, You Tube it, look on is unbelievably easy!

Here is a link to Young House Love...{Tiling} and {Grouting}.  I devoured this and after 2 of my own tile projects I currently feel like a professional!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Laundry Room Makeover Inspiration

So I'm elbows deep in an unexpected Laundry Room Makeover project...and I just had to share some inspiration.
I have a tiny tiny budget so I'm going for the greatest bang for the smallest dollar...also known as painting.   My plan is to paint everything excluding floor and appliances :).  
I am just giddy about how amazing this room is going to turn out.  So thank you {TheInspiredRoom} for inspiring my new overhauled Laundry Room!!!!
Inspiration: light, airy and grey & white cabinets!!!
I anticipate getting this project complete in the next month and under $200 (not including the schoolhouse light fixtures that I want and just may not get since they are crazy expensive)...fingers crossed and here's to Dreaming Big!  I can't wait to share my progress!
-Katie Cole

Monday, March 25, 2013

Savannah's Big Girl Room...almost complete!

Here is my first post of Savannah's Big Girl Room.  I have been dreaming about this project for months...hopping and stressing that it would all come together and as of today we are more then 90% complete.  Final things we need are fabric for curtains and delivery of her overhead light and then i will put a fork in it!  Good bye Crib and hello Sophistication....because sophistication is what every 2 year old needs :).
don't you love my camera lens cap?
  • Wall color is Stonington Grey from Benjamin Moore
  • Chevron Rug is From Rugs USA.  They have an amazing selection and i purchased during their January sale and I got 60% off of a 9x11 rug!  Yowza
  • Pillow are all made by yours truly
  • Duvet cover is from West Elm, its hard to tell in the pictures but the fabric is tufted and i love it!
  • Everything else; bed, bookshelves, table/chairs, wall accessories - IKEA
The wall mount buckets are from the kitchen section, they currently hold crayons and mini cars.  Above this is the Wire wall mount to display art (sorry I didn't capture it!  I will for my second Bedroom post!)

 I'm sooo loving the Ikea picture frame ledges for book shelves and they make it very easy for Savannah to actually see what what books she wants to read. 

starting from left to right

  1. Herringbone Plate - DIY'd at Paint The Town
  2. Canvas Yarn Heart - DIY'd
  3. "Do Good" poster - etsy
  4. "Be Brave" Owl poster - society 6
  5. Ombre Color Display- DIY'd
  6. "solar system" poster - etsy
  7. Framed Letter "S" - DIY'd
  8. Butterfly poster - etsy

DIY'd art projects are mainly from Pinterest and from my favorite Blog {cape27}... 

And one Final shot of the doll house my Dad assembled & mom painted for Savannah...lots of love in this room!

So far Savannah is digging the room and loves to play in it...we'll see if I can get her to sleep in here.  But potty training is higher on my priorities:)

- Katie Cole

Friday, March 22, 2013

what...Air plants need AIR?

I recently got this adorable Air Plant Basket from my lovely sister Liz. 

 It was a great way to say I'm thinking about you....and it's a gift that continues to make me smile every day.   Plus don't you know...Air Plants are soooo hot right now?  Anyways, I was in need of a thank you gift for a friend and so a DIY'd Air Plant basket was my solution!

My $10 {DIY} Air Plant Basket
***all purchased from Ben Franklin, they know what's up, and have a big air plant section
  • 1 glass fixture; 2/$5 
  • 1 bag of live moss; $4  (it was a big bag and i now have tons of left overs)
  • 1 large air plant; $3.99/ 1 small air plant; $2.99
My $10 {DIY} Air Plant

Here's the kicker...I literally shock myself at my air-headedness...this one takes the cake.   See the glass fixtures i bought?  Yes the one with the lid....yeah. Air Plants need Air.  Did you know that..I din't get that memo.

Anyways if you get the right glass fixture (they have a ton of open glass displays) it is SUCH a cute and very affordable gift for a friend - well i doubled down and made one for myself too.

So now i have one for my Powered Room - where I leave the lid it can Breath!

- Katie Cole

OK...Update!   I found a medium sized bowl ($1.99 at the Thrift Store) for my Air Plant, added more moss, much Better!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My New Jugs...

Yeah I said it....but totally not what I'm talking about....geesh what's wrong with you!  I'm talking about my new impromptu purchase during my late night run to Target.  Like always during target visits I had to peruse the home decor section and when i saw these two glass jugs {ON CLEARANCE} I thought Bingzy, Bangzy, Boomzy we have a winner!   

I have been trying to accessorize the formal dinning room for months...but I just can't pull the trigger.  I think this months issue of HGTV Magazine lit a fire under me...they had a spread on "making a dresser pop" with vases, lamps and accessories.  It just made me itch for another project.  So when I saw these marked down to $9 and $14...I just couldn't resist.  I love the light coral pink color, they are airy which is nice for the credenza placement and they match Liz's Dick's Painting! 

Now I need accessories for the other side....I'm thinking a glass lamp like this one from Target.   

...but at $70 I WILL be finding a way to make it a DIY project, no Andy NOT because I'm trying to torture you.  Because that thing is just a glass vase upside down and I know I've seen those at Ben Franklin.  For mine, i think i will spray paint on the inside maybe black or charcoal grey.
But I will definitely be making this for half the price...and Boom and we have another project!

-Katie Cole

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Painting A Front Door in the Friendliest Town in the US

It's been one year since we moved to Sammamish, WA {officially voted friendliest Town in the US} woot woot...and we haven't been happier.   We purchased what we considered to be our dream home, 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom, 2 car garage and unbelievable amounts of closet space, especially coming from our tiny "206" Townhome ..this place certainly feels like a mansion.  But I'm working hard to jam pack with all our junk :)
As Andy got ready to settle in and relax...i got started building my list of projects. There is no doubt Pinterest, Houzz and Young House Love are all serious accomplices to my DIY Addiction.  Pretty sure I was pinning and idea-booking weeks before we even closed (bad juju...but we still landed the deal).  Top on the list was the glaring Red Door - the whole house was very "country shabby" from the 80's, nice...just not my style.   So within the first month I got my plan set it was about the same time last year that John and Sherri {from YHL} {painted their front door Yellow} so I divulged every last tip and jumped into my first "425" DIY Project.  I woke up at 5:30am for 4 days {approximately 2 hours of work/day} to sand and prime, and do 3 coats of Black Paint before Savannah woke for the day.  Every minute of lost sleep was worth it....and i smile in satisfaction every time I think about how classic the freshly painted doors look. Yum Yum Yum.  

Of course you can also see some of my other Pinterest Projects...chevron pumpkins and felt flower wreaths.

People have asked me for tips on the project so here's my best shot...

  • sand sand sand - I purchased an orbital sander {black and decker from home depot} and I couldn't have been happier...its cheap and get the job done (wear a face mask)
  • Use 80 grit sand paper for the first sand - hit every inch to ensure primmer bonds well
  • Next use 220 grit to smooth out the surface
  • Wipe clean to get all the dust off (again still get that mask on) a de-glosser is always helpful too - but i didn't cause I got Lazy - geez it was 5:30Am give momma a break
  • Use {Zinnser Brand water based primer} (i used oil on accident and i felt sick for days - the fumes are intoxicating - rookie mistake).  Let dry - i waited a day
  • Apply first coat.  Trick to a brush free/streak free look is being extremely anal retentive and buying good quality paint and brushes/rollers.  I used a brush to get the paint in all the grooves and crevices then used a door/cabinet foam roller (bought from Home Depot or Benjamin Moore) to roll on the paint.    *** continually watch the drops and use one of those black foam wedges to blot up drops   ***always brush in the same direction.  
  • Repeat as many times as needed - mine was 3 to get a rich look  

And lets be honest...don't fool yourself.   I have some brushstrokes, especially when it gets really sunny...but I'm probably the only person who notices.  But DIY'ing it was a hellova lot cheaper   (under $150 for 2 doors) then paying someone to get it sprayed on...and I like the streaks - they are like birthmarks.
 - Katie Cole