Sunday, October 26, 2014

Den Fireplace Fabulousness || Before & After

Well I truly can't believe it, the Den Fireplace is complete!  I started this DIY madness of a project BEFORE I got pregnant, that is a year and a half in the making people!  Now there was a pregnancy and baby that slightly complicated this projects trajectory...but in the end the results were worth the wait because this fireplace is EVERYTHING!!!   
I now have two cabinets of storage that will no doubt be loaded to the brim with toys.  The entire room is transformed and most importantly FUNCTIONAL!
 As you can see from the Before and After below not much of the old facade was kept. We transformed the space in these steps...

enclosed dated brick fireplace with drywall
 added a tile surround
DIY'd extensive mill-work and custom mantel
custom built cabinets and selves to flank fireplace
converted to a GAS FIREPLACE!!!
I use "we" loosely...I'm taking all the credit for this mammajamma of a project (Dad helped with the mill work trim and we did not DIY the gas fireplace conversion)

Below is a picture of the room when we purchased the house in 2012.   The built-ins were just screaming to be kicked up a notch.  Paint and more functional storage (and to any parent with young kids...closed door storage).

Below is the fireplace after we painted the shelves.   I was not set on the look. The brick was well loved and no matter how hard we cleaned it, the soot and fireplace smell would not go away.  The shelves...well there was just too many of them and the mantel was so small.

And here we are halfway complete.  The fireplace was refaced by adding drywall, mill work and crown added, brick tiled over.  But something was missing...the look was just not balanced, not dramatic enough and of course we needed functional storage. 

And Here we have it.   My Beauty.   I am not going to lie and say I'm modest about this one.  Oh Heck No, I tell everybody about this bad boy.   No Shame in my Game...I get out my camera and MAKE them look!   I've been nursing this project as long as a lets just say I'm one proud mama!

The tiles on the fireplace look a little creamy in this picture...they are much more grey in person...

my new, love, love

Can I get a woot woot for the new Gas Fireplace!   So these things are NOT cheap to install/convert but for our house it was a total must.   We spend so much of our day in this room and the living room (also converted to gas...more on that to come)  it was outrageously expensive to heat our house in the winter.   And with my asthma and two little kiddos the wood burning was just not practical. 

obviously a new light fixture will be added...I just haven't found the right one!

Once will install new carpets in this room, I'll add some quarter round to the bottom of the tile and cabinets.   Other plan is to get new audio/visual and move the cable outlet which you can probably see from the picture is popping out from under the cabinet :).  And finally I need to get the shelves "staged" and loaded with decor!
Next week I'll post on a total project breakdown with pictures from every step of the process!   I cannot wait to share with you how simple building these cabinets were!!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by, loves ya!!!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sassy Fall {DIY} Pumpkins

As many of you lovely readers know...I'm not big into seasonal decorating.   I have the standard porch, mantel and a few things here and there, but I do surprise myself at my inability to just go wild and seasonally decorate.  Maybe I just get overwhelmed by the pressure or maybe it's because I just find seasonal decorations to be CRAZY expensive! 

The other day I was busy organizing some craft supplies and I found some poorly utilized goodies, so I got my craft on during nap time and whipped up a few of these lovely fall pumpkins!

I think what I love best about these Sassy yet Sophisticated Fall Pumpkins is that I can decorate with these through Halloween and Thanksgiving...more bang for my buck, YAY!!!

The fake pumpkin (found at Michael's) is painted gold (Martha Stewart form home depot) and the fabric flowers are made from old scraps laying around.  The floral centers are upholstery grommets...but really you can use anything...old costume jewelry, a fabric wrapped button, so many options!

I love how unexpectedly cute these things turned out!   Anyone else have any new homegrown Fall decorations going on?


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Monday, October 20, 2014

Master Bedroom || DIY Greek Key Curtains

The updating in our Master Bedroom has been progressing, like molasses, but still moving.  I had sincerely hoped that before I even got pregnant I would be close to complete on this bad boy.  Maybe that goal was a little overly ambitious and not to mention I seriously change my "style mind" often which leads to constantly "re-homing" of things throughout the house!  Rambling on...but point being is that in my crazy life I have to be OK with having ANY progress! So on that note I FINALLY have new Drapery in the master!

Yumm Yumm Yumm.   Nothing new and outragous here, I'm not breaking the mold....just doing what I love!   And that my friends is Greek Key ANYTHING!  I just can't get enough.  These are the Ritva Curtains from Ikea, hemmed to size, backed with dirt cheap black out fabric from JoAnn's and ironed on Greek key Trim from MJTrim.   Ironed using Stitch Whitchery.

I think what I enjoy the most about these bad boys is the new blackout fabric.   It keeps the room so nice and cozy in the early mornings!  Which was especially great when the baby was sleeping in the room with us and we were both taking naps...ahh...naaapppss....I miss those....

So in case you forgot what our SAD master looked like when we moved's glimpse 
Check out the previous curtains (left when moved in).  Such an improvement!
The trim was not exactly cheap (about $9/yard)...I'm sure the neighbors heard Andy GULP when I ordered, but the Ikea Curtains (about $40 for 2, I needed 4)  combined with my mad sewing skills did offset the cost.  And by mad sewing skills I mean = hemming curtains is seriously the easiest DIY project out there.
So while this wasn't a cheap DIY project, we did save a ton of money when compared to custom curtains.  And when I signed up at MjTrim new customers get a 15% off coupon.... mamma loves coupons!   

Thanks for stopping by, love yas!


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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How the Heck are you!

So it's been just about a million years since I posted and I have to anyone out there!  No one point I had amassed a small but mighty group of regular readers and I flew the coup.  Literally, I got knocked up and just plain disappeared!   I stopped posting, passed most of my DIY wish list off to my Dad and laid my fine little booty on the couch.  My daily routines of pinterest, late night projects and hanging out with my virtual bloggie peeps went by the wayside for ice cream sundays and watching Party Down South and Chrisley Knows Best.
But lets not kid here, there have been some pretty fun undocumented projects that went down in the past 6 month...but my "get up and go" nature literally took a nose dive. Not just because of the pregnancy/baby, sick dog and just plain exhaustion from NON-STOP projects...I got poisoned!   Don't freak...not for was more of a mental state.   You know, it is not easy for anyone who puts them self "out there" as a DIY/Home Improvement "blogger", a mother, a wife...or better yet a human being who breathes, to prevent comparison from getting the best of them.   It just got sad that something I love so dearly - my blog and DIY'ing - just pooped me out because of the emotional sides of it.  "Is this cool enough", "Wow [insert regularly read blogs name]house looks so snazzy", "Wow what a crazy DIY project, why didn't I think of that".   And then there's the guilt when people tell me that my blog makes them feel bad about themselves!   GAH...that one just tears me apart.  No one wants anyone to feel bad about themselves...this blog is a place for love.  Love of DIY, Sharing Creative Ideas and Love of the cutest stinking baby you have ever seen...Boom in your face!

So now that you have seen the cutest stinking baby ever...I hope to heck you didn't compare your dang kid to mine!   

If you did...please stop reading immediately!  
Everything I just said went way over your head!  
Shut the computer, have a drink and come back once you have chilled the heck out!

So, I think I'm back, at least for now.   I have long list of projects to share with you and if I can find the time between my sassy almost 4 year old and my little stinky 6 month old you might get a peak inside our DIY chaos.   I would certainly love to have you along for the ride!  
This is my new it, print it, burn it in your eyeballs...and then lets have some DIY fun!