Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sassy Fall {DIY} Pumpkins

As many of you lovely readers know...I'm not big into seasonal decorating.   I have the standard porch, mantel and a few things here and there, but I do surprise myself at my inability to just go wild and seasonally decorate.  Maybe I just get overwhelmed by the pressure or maybe it's because I just find seasonal decorations to be CRAZY expensive! 

The other day I was busy organizing some craft supplies and I found some poorly utilized goodies, so I got my craft on during nap time and whipped up a few of these lovely fall pumpkins!

I think what I love best about these Sassy yet Sophisticated Fall Pumpkins is that I can decorate with these through Halloween and Thanksgiving...more bang for my buck, YAY!!!

The fake pumpkin (found at Michael's) is painted gold (Martha Stewart form home depot) and the fabric flowers are made from old scraps laying around.  The floral centers are upholstery grommets...but really you can use anything...old costume jewelry, a fabric wrapped button, so many options!

I love how unexpectedly cute these things turned out!   Anyone else have any new homegrown Fall decorations going on?


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  1. Oh, super cute! Are those fresh or fake pumpkins? I might get some plastic and do similar- just so I can use them year after year. My sister painted a pumpkin rose gold and it's super pretty, a combination of the metallics might be pretty.

  2. G'day! How cute! Thanks for sharing at our #SayGdayParty!
    Please remember to stop back if you haven't already and say G'day to the hosts and someone else at the party!
    Cheers! Joanne @ What's On The List Pinned!


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