Thursday, December 4, 2014

Partnering with Hometalk || 17 Cozy DIY Fireplaces

I'm back from a mild hiatus to share with you more on one of my favorite sites...Hometalk!   I've raved before about hometalk and I may sound like a broken record but this love fest does not end.  
The thing I love the most about this site is the inspiration, but it doesn't stop there.   Many inspiring pictures have great how-to's!  So it's not just fancy and impractical pictures but it has realistic projects and detailed how-to's.  And if you find something you love many of the authors are available to answer questions via comment section.     
It's such a cool site to aggregate inspiration, how to's, and follow bloggers you love!   So shameless plug insert is a link to my Home talk page you want to follow me! get to the point...this week the amazing people and Hometalk asked me to curate a board of some jaw dropping and inspiring fireplaces that make you want to curl up with a cup of cocoa!!!   That's right people Cozy Fireplaces that you can DIY!   So here are 17 delicious fireplaces that will make you want to rage on some Home Depot Christmas Deals.   
Click on the the below image for the link to my Cozy Fireplace Board and get inspired!
And while you are visiting...sign up, I can guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy it!  

And for those of you who are wondering where I've been...well I'm recuperating from a last minute knee surgery.   Between the Physical Therapy and endless holiday events I am swamped but I do hope to get some posts out soon.   Oh and maybe even some shots of our Christmas decorations.  I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Leopard X-bench || Simple Re-Upholstery DIY

Are any of you guys constant re-homers of furniture?   I seriously find myself relocating furniture throughout my house really keeps my husband on his toes!   This is my favorite trick to make old home decor feel new again...well this and gold leaf paint :).  
Another great trick is adding fabric and by fabric I mean instant sass..hello leopard print!

These x-benches were originally in our den and we used two, side by side, for a coffee table.  They never felt "right" in that room and have now relocated to our master.  They are perfect for assisting our insomniac dog with getting in and out of bed for is midnight walkabouts.  And yes...our dog really has insomnia...

The x-benches are a few years old from target.  I love the shape, and size, but it's never been love when it comes to the faux leather tops.   I've been eager to re-cover these and I pinned this room years ago as inspiration.

Pinterest shot out...follow me if you please!

source: Lonny Mag

Anything I can buy online is my jam at this current state in life.   I cannot find the time to drive around looking for my dream I was so thrilled that Ballard designs added this cutie to their fabric by the yard program.  The photo reads more white grounded, it is actually more of a cream...but that's ok!  Any touch of animal print will do! 

Like most benches and chairs the tops are easily removed....

Cut and wrap your fabric.  I chose not to add additional padding, but you could do that.

Staple away! Manual stapler works fine for a small project like this.  If the fabric was thicker I would have used my electric, and if I was reupholstering a wing-back chair, I would have used my pneumatic stapler.

The benches are much more interesting...

Next up is a headboard and bed-frame.  But, I can't start that DIY project until I finish Epoxying the garage floor...remember that long garage "wish list" I created.  Well it's close to finished...booya!!!

And there you have it...a little update with a big impact, that most importantly makes me smile!
Thanks for reading, love ya!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Den Fireplace Fabulousness || Before & After

Well I truly can't believe it, the Den Fireplace is complete!  I started this DIY madness of a project BEFORE I got pregnant, that is a year and a half in the making people!  Now there was a pregnancy and baby that slightly complicated this projects trajectory...but in the end the results were worth the wait because this fireplace is EVERYTHING!!!   
I now have two cabinets of storage that will no doubt be loaded to the brim with toys.  The entire room is transformed and most importantly FUNCTIONAL!
 As you can see from the Before and After below not much of the old facade was kept. We transformed the space in these steps...

enclosed dated brick fireplace with drywall
 added a tile surround
DIY'd extensive mill-work and custom mantel
custom built cabinets and selves to flank fireplace
converted to a GAS FIREPLACE!!!
I use "we" loosely...I'm taking all the credit for this mammajamma of a project (Dad helped with the mill work trim and we did not DIY the gas fireplace conversion)

Below is a picture of the room when we purchased the house in 2012.   The built-ins were just screaming to be kicked up a notch.  Paint and more functional storage (and to any parent with young kids...closed door storage).

Below is the fireplace after we painted the shelves.   I was not set on the look. The brick was well loved and no matter how hard we cleaned it, the soot and fireplace smell would not go away.  The shelves...well there was just too many of them and the mantel was so small.

And here we are halfway complete.  The fireplace was refaced by adding drywall, mill work and crown added, brick tiled over.  But something was missing...the look was just not balanced, not dramatic enough and of course we needed functional storage. 

And Here we have it.   My Beauty.   I am not going to lie and say I'm modest about this one.  Oh Heck No, I tell everybody about this bad boy.   No Shame in my Game...I get out my camera and MAKE them look!   I've been nursing this project as long as a lets just say I'm one proud mama!

The tiles on the fireplace look a little creamy in this picture...they are much more grey in person...

my new, love, love

Can I get a woot woot for the new Gas Fireplace!   So these things are NOT cheap to install/convert but for our house it was a total must.   We spend so much of our day in this room and the living room (also converted to gas...more on that to come)  it was outrageously expensive to heat our house in the winter.   And with my asthma and two little kiddos the wood burning was just not practical. 

obviously a new light fixture will be added...I just haven't found the right one!

Once will install new carpets in this room, I'll add some quarter round to the bottom of the tile and cabinets.   Other plan is to get new audio/visual and move the cable outlet which you can probably see from the picture is popping out from under the cabinet :).  And finally I need to get the shelves "staged" and loaded with decor!
Next week I'll post on a total project breakdown with pictures from every step of the process!   I cannot wait to share with you how simple building these cabinets were!!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by, loves ya!!!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sassy Fall {DIY} Pumpkins

As many of you lovely readers know...I'm not big into seasonal decorating.   I have the standard porch, mantel and a few things here and there, but I do surprise myself at my inability to just go wild and seasonally decorate.  Maybe I just get overwhelmed by the pressure or maybe it's because I just find seasonal decorations to be CRAZY expensive! 

The other day I was busy organizing some craft supplies and I found some poorly utilized goodies, so I got my craft on during nap time and whipped up a few of these lovely fall pumpkins!

I think what I love best about these Sassy yet Sophisticated Fall Pumpkins is that I can decorate with these through Halloween and Thanksgiving...more bang for my buck, YAY!!!

The fake pumpkin (found at Michael's) is painted gold (Martha Stewart form home depot) and the fabric flowers are made from old scraps laying around.  The floral centers are upholstery grommets...but really you can use anything...old costume jewelry, a fabric wrapped button, so many options!

I love how unexpectedly cute these things turned out!   Anyone else have any new homegrown Fall decorations going on?


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