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About Me and this Blog:
Well, my little bio says it all.  I’m ADDICTED to all things DIY and I just cant stop myself from the draw of a New Project or Room Upgrade.  I have no formal design experience, I’m not an artist, I just love power tools and I’m Incredibly Cheap…er um…thrifty.

Seeing the “Before and After” transformation of a room is what keeps my DIY Passion ticking!  My blog is all about my experiences with DIY Home Renovation, DIY Decorating.  
In this blog I hope to share the good and the bad, where I bought things, how much they cost, how long the projects took, and special tips along the way.  

My Style:
I Love: Anything Preppy, Gold, Stripes and Bold Prints and dramatic colors…and Pink.
I have expensive taste…but not the budget!!! Hence the DIY adventures.

About My Family:
My husband and I are Seattle Natives – him Woodinville, me Seattle.  After living the Seattle life for 4 years, we had a baby and decided the burbs were for us.  So our little family moved to Sammamish, WA in 2012 (aka the little town that Microsoft built – well at least it feels that way) and we’re working hard to make this house our home.  I’m a stay at home mom and when I’m not rockin’ out with my adorable kiddos, I sneak away every spare moment to DIY.  And if you read, you may think where the heck is Andy?  He works hard all day so when he is home, he plays with our kids!  

I hope you enjoy the blog and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read