Monday, May 20, 2013

Kilim Love II Hallway Upgrade

We are finally back from a wonderful and long trip to Maui...well rested and fully freckled!   I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation!  You know what I mean...get home and spend the day unpacking, cleaning, grocery shopping and most importantly snuggling with our loved ones! 
To be honest I've had very little time to recap the really cool, fabulous and super exciting home projects that I'm working on.  So I thought it was time to introduce the new addition to our family...sorry it's not a baby or a's our amazing new Kilim Rug!
If you follow me on {Pinterest} you have probably seen my obsession over these rugs..or if you follow me on {Facebook} or {Instagram} you might have actually seen our new addition arrive! 
Below is shot of our entryway before the new Kilim's just sad and drab - obvi excluding our our {painted black door} which i am still in love with.
And below is the after shot...who can resist the charm of these Rugs!!!  The are mostly one of a kind and you can find antiques... although I don't think ours is.  
Seriously...this FAB_U_LOUS rug just makes the door POP and it gives the room so much more dimension and interest!   I wish I could have shown you a picture from the same angle as the before picture, but I had 2 things working against me 
#1) a unrelieved project
#2) bad lighting....I obviously left the sunshine in Hawaii!
If you are considering adding some Kilim flair to your house be sure to check out etsy and ebay, there are a ton of vendors that sell beautiful kilim rugs and pillows.  And don't be afraid to negotiate!  I pretty much named my price and the vendor was really open to the flexibility! 
And one more shot so you can see the awesome design and colors...I love love love the pink and it works really well with the pinks and corals that we have in our living room and dinning room.  
Now that I have this new rug I am so excited to use it as my inspiration for the big project that's on deck for the entryway...who am i kidding there's actually 2 big projects...just don't tell Andy... smiley face!  I even think I'm going to upgrade Teddy's dog bed to match the new rug.  Yes I seriously said that...I spoil that naughty dog rotten!

I can't wait to get started on the other Entry Way Upgrades! And tomorrow I hope to get back to some DIY nitty gritty and share a new element we are working on in the Master bedroom!  If you want a little teaser you can refresh your noodle with this {Master Bedroom Inspiration} post.

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