Goodwill {DIY} Lampshades || $40 > 4 projects > 4 days

Today’s dose of $40 > 4 DIY Projects > 4 days is our Day 2 project…Goodwill Painted Lampshades.   So simple and only $10!

This project was awesome for a handful of reasons…

1) Total expense for the lampshades was $10

2) The shades immediately transform the old and not so awesome pendant lamp

3) The project created a game of “musical shades”…the old ones moved to the eat-in area and then those moved to the master bathroom (more on this tomorrow)

So as you can see from the before and after…the pendant almost looks new!  When we moved in I had contemplated buying shades like these but they were at least $15 per shade.  So, I jumped when I found these at goodwill.  Plus they were clean and they had 5…it was destiny.  The price was right too, but I don’t’ like to think that I spent $10, I like to say I saved $65…oh the magic of spin :).

The only catch was that they were made for candle stick lights…so I took the braces from the chandelier (used to hold the glass shades in place) and super glued them to the shades…here is a quick how to.

I then spray painted the shades white.   They are plain and simple but just what this room needs.

Here is another angle of the room so you can catch a glimpse of why I think plain and simple is the way to go for this space!  Although I may add some trim like I did in this post on the  {DIY} Preppy Lamp.

Sure I’d love to run out and buy an amazeballs pendant lamp from West Elm and be so totally stylish that I’m in love with myself.  But until I find that lamp that moves me to spend crazy cash… I’ll just make do with what I have and add a little Goodwill flair to it!
So thanks for checking out day 2 of our $40 > 4 projects > 4 days post.
I’ll be back tomorrow with more on the musical lampshades!

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