Laundry Room FAIL!

DAMN IT_DAMN IT_DAMN IT!!!   My Cabinate Door just bite the dust.  Yesterday I literally drove 2 blocks with my beautifully freshly painted white cabinet door on the hood of my car (where I had intentionally placed for safe keeping)…and of course I did not notice it was there until I heard the thudding sound of my SUV driving over it!  

The damage is done and there is no point in even salvaging the thing.  It’s shredded, cracked in 4 places and just plain ruined!   

The Upside…open shelving is really hot right now…so I’m down.

Down side…I now have to explain some choice vocabulary words to Savannah…mommy FAIL!  

The Victim…

Yes…those are tire marks
shredded at the corners – craked in 4 places

The new Game Plan…

Open concept shelving…hope in works in the laudry room!

Now I have to get back out the primmer and paint…i may have just added a few more days to my laundryroom timeline!  Oh the joys of {DIY}…

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