what…Air plants need AIR?

I recently got this adorable Air Plant Basket from my lovely sister Liz. 

It was a great way to say I’m thinking about you….and it’s a gift that continues to make me smile every day.   Plus don’t you know…Air Plants are soooo hot right now?  Anyways, I was in need of a thank you gift for a friend and so a DIY’d Air Plant basket was my solution!

My $10 {DIY} Air Plant Basket

***all purchased from Ben Franklin, they know what’s up, and have a big air plant section

  • 1 glass fixture; 2/$5 
  • 1 bag of live moss; $4  (it was a big bag and i now have tons of left overs)
  • 1 large air plant; $3.99/ 1 small air plant; $2.99
My $10 {DIY} Air Plant

Here’s the kicker…I literally shock myself at my air-headedness…this one takes the cake.   See the glass fixtures i bought?  Yes the one with the lid….yeah. Air Plants need Air.  Did you know that..I din’t get that memo.

Anyways if you get the right glass fixture (they have a ton of open glass displays) it is SUCH a cute and very affordable gift for a friend – well i doubled down and made one for myself too.

So now i have one for my Powered Room – where I leave the lid off…so it can Breath!

– Katie Cole

OK…Update!   I found a medium sized bowl ($1.99 at the Thrift Store) for my Air Plant, added more moss, much Better!

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