It’s a Dirty Job…but someones gotta seal it!

OK I’ve been grouting my brains out lately and I stumbled upon some knowledge I wish I knew long ago…like I should be sealing my grout at least once a year!  Possibly even every 6 months…whoopsy daisy!  Well, i always seal my grout after a new project and I’m going to be getting on a more regular schedule! 

Here are the usual criminals!

  1. Pie Tin or a bowl with a large base & opening – use this to pour small amounts of sealer at a time…this stuff is expensive and like I said a little goes a long way!
  2. Application Device…Don’t use a sponge or rag like many people suggest. Use this disposable paint edger!  It will save you so much time and money on wasted sealer!
  3. Buy a good quality sealer/grout impregnator  {I love this one from Home Depot}.  It’s about $35 a bottle…super expensive! But a little goes a long way.  I’ve used another brand that was less expensive but it didn’t work as well!

 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Make sure your grout is clean!  Use an non-abrasive cleaner and nothing with bleach, because if you do have any color tint to your grout the bleach will discolor it fast (especially if it’s not sealed!)
  2. Apply – Pour a small amount of sealer in the pie tin and dip the edge of the application tool in.  Then just drag it along the grout…you will see the grout darken as it soaks up the sealer.
  3. Wipe Clean with dry rag – read instructions on the sealer bottle.  Most sealers need to be wiped off after a few minutes or it will leave a grime on the surface!

I sealed the laundry room in 15-30 minutes (i like to do 2 coats for brand new grout).  I set the alarm just a tick before Savannah was up, finished this and then sat in peace with a cup of coffee….mmmm peace! 

Random Fact:

**did you know that most builders of brand new homes do not seal the grout?  I learned the hard way in our town home…insert sad face! 

Have fun getting your grout on!

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