Our Doors look Fresh to Def!

I’m finally finished with all my door painting!  And after waiting 4 days for the paint to cure and harden (requirement for the Benjamin Moore Advanced Paint) I got new Door handles and Hinges Installed!  If you remember from my post {here} about painting these doors…this project took days and many hours…but I’m so happy that every door looks fresh, brand spanking new and they visually they Pop off the wall!  

Here’s a reminder of the Drab Old Cream to Fresh White Dove!

This week I got working on the finishing touches…and that meant upgrading the old, worked hardware! The new brushed nickle door hinges and handles look fresh to def!!! 

No one should ever be scared of this project…hinges and door handles are so simple to replace!  In one hour I switched out 4 handles and 10 hinges, plus you can do this project alone if needed (just use DVD’s to prop the edge of the door while you switch out the hinges).

You can see how clean the door looks!  Now I just need to re-paint the bathroom and it will look stellar!

Spending the time on finishing touches like this is truly worth every minute spent!

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