Master Bedroom Rug || Switcharoo

While on my search for an accent rug in the master bedroom I came across this Moroccan Print Shag Rug and I just love love love it…

Rug Source

 although I’m totally digging the style….I just keep rolling over in my mind all the potential concerns I have with White Rugs Like:

  • Will the white bedding, white curtains and white rug be overwhelming?  
  • Will Teddy toss his cookies on it (which of course only occurs at night when we are sleeping)?   
  • Will Savannah take her coveted Pink Highlighter and scribble all over it?   
  • Will I spill my XL sized coffee on it?  

Seriously, I’m not crazy, my nerves are all based around historical events…

So in an effort to sample the looks of the White Rug and make sure I was really ready to spend bucco bucks on that Moroccan Shag Bad Boy Rug, I moved out the White Faux Fur Rug from our living room up the the master…and low and behold…we liked it so much that it’s staying indefinitely!    

and by “we” I mean Savannah and I…

There are 4 main upsides to this Rug Switcheroo vs. Buying the New Rug…

#1)  The Faux Rug we already owned was about 1/3 the price of what the Moroccan rug costs.

#2)  I saved myself from spending serious cash and now I can get a less expensive woven rug for the living room.

#3)  Although I loved the white fur white rug in the living room…I think it was subconsciously keeping us from using the room!?   It was just so pristine looking!  

#4)  This rug feels DARN good on my bare toesies…highly recommend this style for any bedroom!

And if you can’t tell Savannah loved the switch too!   

She’s not really sleeping…just faking it.   But this rug really is magical….I want to fall asleep like this every time I touch it!  

I totally have to remind myself to stop, look around the house and see what I already own that might work…now I’m even considering recovering my x-benches from the Den and moving them into here!

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