Thursday, March 21, 2013

My New Jugs...

Yeah I said it....but totally not what I'm talking about....geesh what's wrong with you!  I'm talking about my new impromptu purchase during my late night run to Target.  Like always during target visits I had to peruse the home decor section and when i saw these two glass jugs {ON CLEARANCE} I thought Bingzy, Bangzy, Boomzy we have a winner!   

I have been trying to accessorize the formal dinning room for months...but I just can't pull the trigger.  I think this months issue of HGTV Magazine lit a fire under me...they had a spread on "making a dresser pop" with vases, lamps and accessories.  It just made me itch for another project.  So when I saw these marked down to $9 and $14...I just couldn't resist.  I love the light coral pink color, they are airy which is nice for the credenza placement and they match Liz's Dick's Painting! 

Now I need accessories for the other side....I'm thinking a glass lamp like this one from Target.   

...but at $70 I WILL be finding a way to make it a DIY project, no Andy NOT because I'm trying to torture you.  Because that thing is just a glass vase upside down and I know I've seen those at Ben Franklin.  For mine, i think i will spray paint on the inside maybe black or charcoal grey.
But I will definitely be making this for half the price...and Boom and we have another project!

-Katie Cole


  1. Off subject for the post, but I love those curtains. Are they the West Elm ones? I hope you say no, because I really want them at a cheaper price. =) Thanks!

    1. Hi Ashley....sad to say they are the west elm ones! I had a really hard time forking over the dough...but I made it my Christmas Present. I have seen a similar Ikat pattern in a linen fabrication at my local fabric store in the upholstery section. I bet they have something similar online? Although expensive I don't regret buyers remorse here!
      Good luck!


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