{DIY} Roller Shade – $40 & No Sew!

After a month of incubating ideas on window treatments for the Powder Room I finally have a Custom Window treatment that only cost $40 and I didn’t have to pull out my sewing machine!  My neighbors will be thanking me, because don’t for a second that the lack of window treatment stopped me from using that gorg new bathroom.   

Being a Mommy = No Shame


Below is a shot of my project inspiration.  If and if you follow me on Pinterest you probably noticed I was madly pinning blue rooms for bathroom inspiration and that’s when I stumbled across the one below.  The window treatments are stunning, but getting these at Restoration Hardware or custom from Calico Corners would be minimum $200, even for my tiny bathroom 22″x44″ window (which by the way is not standard so i almost had to get something custom)!

So here is how I created an awesome, custom, no sew, Roller Shade.  

The whole project cost under $40.   Yeah I said $40.   Now that deserves a boomshakalaka.

{DIY} Roller Shade – shopping list

  1. Vinyl Roller Shade @ Lowe’s or Home Depot – $8
  2. Fabric Choice in length of window plus minimum 6″ – $22 (I choose a off white linen and did 2 layers for privacy)
  3. Grosgrain Ribbon – $3 
  4. Stitch Witchery – $3 (select a width as wide as your ribbon choice)
  5. That Magic Pen that erases when ironed – $3 (not essential but who doesn’t like magic)
  6. Starch to get you fabric really really stiff – already owned

{DIY} Roller Shade – Tools

  1. Iron
  2. Yard Stick and Square (or something to make sure you lines/angles are perfect)
  3. Fabric Scissors

Step 1.  is purchase your roller shade.  See below, the roller shade I purchased was blackout, so my goal was to replace the shade but still utilize all the mechanics of the shade. 


Step 2. Go shoppin’.  Here all the goodies I bought for the project….see that green magic pen.  I’m obviously obsessed.


Step 3.  Make sure to iron & starch fabric.  I used 2 layers of fabric so I; doubled, pinned and used a square and yard stick to measure and mark, then cut.


Step 4.  (If you are using 2 layers of fabric) Once cut use stitch witchery to bond the two Layers.  Applying on the left and right sides. Making sure everything is flat and the side are lined up. 


Step 5.  Build your design.  This one is all about measuring.  I jotted my design down and did some cold calculations to get the appropriate inches I wanted for my boxes.  These are 4″ boxes, that start 2″s from the vertical lines.  Use stitch witchery to secure the folds (bonded at every 90 degree angle) and then stitch witchery the entire design to your shade.

Step 6. Now Cut off remove your widow’s length of vinyl and adhere your new fabric to the remaining portion of the vinyl shade (using stitch witchery).  Then roll it up a few inches so you never even see what the original product was.   I also recommend using the dowel (lower bar that will give the shade weight) from the old shade.  Fold and secure fabric around this.  You can see in the picture above what I mean.


Viola!  No Sew and Supper Simple!  

Here is the Window one more time because it is so yummy!

Hope you enjoy!

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