Poppin’ Tags!

For reals I just said that, and I’m not gunna lie, I’m so uncool I had to google it. 

But seriously now, Savannah and I hit up the local thrift shop and scored some major finds.  We we’re Poppin’ Tags…What what!

 The Mirror – $20

The Duck – $6 

I am crazy in love with the mirror.  I actually just bought one the same shape for my {Powder Room}.  There is something about Hex shapes I’m so diggin right now, so I had to have.   And who can’t resist ceramic figurines, let alone a ceramic duck!?

On my way home I grabbed some {gold leaf paint} from Michaels.  If you haven’t tried it….YOU SHOULD!  I really love antique bronze and this product gets close to an antique bronze shade (not too yellow and shiny, with just enough pop).  Plus you brush it on, so it’s much easier to use then actual gold leaf or spray paint.  A little goes a long way!

And here is my upgraded Thrift Store finds.  I just LOVE them both…each play a minor part in my major Master Bedroom Overhaul…more on that inspiration to come! 


For each item, I cleaned with Rubbing Alcohol, primed and painted.

Mirror – primed, spray painted gold and then gold leafed over.

Duck – primed, spray painted white gloss and gold leafed his dome.

Spray Painting (Ceramics or Mirrors) – a few tips:

***If your project is not clean or temperatures are off, spray paint will crack and it is a major pain to deal with! Keep these steps in mind to help prevent… 

  • clean off your item really well – I use Rubbing Alcohol
  • use a quality primer – Zinnser 123 – Oil based is my favorite and especially for ceramics. 
  • make sure it is not too cold or too hot, read the paint instructions!
  • prevent drips by doing many light layers…verses a few bombs! 

Hope you enjoy!   I am so excited to get started on the master bedroom upgrade….but I think I need to get my million half finished projects complete before I jump into that one!

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