Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time to get Organized!

Ok..so we've been in our house for 1 year and finally the dust is settling from a few major  projects.  But now all I can think about is getting organized!  I've been totally vibin' some great creative "getting organized" ideas from Pinterest and here are a few that I am DEFINATLY getting done this spring.  All of these are so flipin' easy its crazy I haven't done them earlier!

My wrapping paper is a complete mess and has been in a messy state my entire life!   This is so simple!  I will install in our guest bedroom closet.  These plastic bag holders from Ikea will be purchased on my next trip!!!

Doi...this is a total no brainer.  I have huge Tupperware bins in the garage and I'm using masking tape to label their contents.   I already have chalkboard paint, this would just make things look way more classy for those judgie neighbors who sneak a peak when the garage doors is open...wink wink.

I see these bins at Ross and TJ Maxx all the time and I have never thought of this!  Just add a little spray paint to jazz them up use command strips to hang and viola!

Poor Andy, I'm always on his case about his 3 basketballs (one for inside, one for outside, and one that's so nice he never ever uses it).  I trip over those darn things constantly!  Bungee cords are the perfect solution!!!

Finally a no brain-er solution to the bane of my existence!!!  These curtain rods are cheap and easy to install.  All this time I've been fumbling and reshuffling the lids!  I could have just done this!   

Well I'm off to get my house legit and organized!   Yeah right, fingers crossed I get at least one of these organization ideas done in the next month!!!

 - Katie

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