{DIY} Gold Painted Lamps || $40 > 4 DIY Projects > 4 Days

HAPPY 4th OF JULY…Andy, Savannah and I are celebrating our independence with a neighborhood parade and some divine BLTA’s with my parents.  Are you all doing anyhting fun!?

Super shot out to my Dad who has worked countless hours doing Fence Building.  I always want to ask him “how does it feel to be totally awesome?”. Hopefully we’ll have an update on that soon and if you are stopping by for some super craft 4th of july inspiration…well sorry, I hold out for halloween, Fall and Christmas.  So hold ontight I promise more in the 4th quarter :).   

Back to business with Day 3 of our $40 > 4 DIY projects! 

Here’s a quick re-cap…

Day 1:  {DIY} Reclaimed Wood Vanity Mirror

Day 2:  Goodwill {DIY} Lampshades

TODAY:  Gold Painted Vanity and Alabaster Lampshades

This project was made possible through yesterdays project.  I took the lamp shades from the dinning room…moved them to the lamp in our eat-in kitchen, then took those four alabaster shades and brought them up into the Master Bathroom.   Since I only had four, I spent $16 at Home Depot and purchased 2 more shades (they actually carried the exact ones – i was shocked). 

Below you can see that the wall lamp was multi colored brass – gold – bronze.  The glass lampshades were actually brown and tan when the light was off.  The colors were so wrong for the room and the shades were DARK and really limited the light.   So, I cleaned with rubbing alcohol ad then just gold painted these bad boys.

Have I proven to you yet that I will paint ANYTHING gold?

It doesn’t look like much from the picture…but I’m telling you it really helps pull together the gold hardware, faucets and accessories.  Best part is the new shades that drastically increase the amount of light in the room.  I can actually see what I’m tweezing..wink wink.

I’m super pleased with my quick and easy $14 fix for these lamps.  And I feel like I can now live with this space until we demo this room! 

I’ll be back tomorrow with the final $40 > 4 DIY projects > 4 Days post.  Have a wonderful Independence Day!

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