Subway Tile is Up and it’s the Bomb!

Ok, I seriously love white subway tile and  I love that they are everywhere!  They just feel so clean and organized!  You basically can’t look in a design magazine without catching a glimps of this stuff.  And I’m pretty sure that every one of my favorite bloggers have subway tile somewhere in their house.   
Random Fact – We had originally planned on doing subway tile for the kitchen back-splash, but now I’m much happier with our marble choice…but it is set in the same pattern. 

After posting about {the inspiration} for the laundry room, I went to Home Depot to buy materials and almost did a jig in the aisle when i realized the entire back-splash install would cost $25!  Yeah you heard me correct…$25 dollars!  Get it GUUURL!!!

{DIY} Subway Tile Back-splash

  • Subway Tiles and Subway bullnose edge tile $16
  • Grout $9
  • Thin Set Mortar – free – already owned

Total Project Price = $25!!!

Laying the tile took just under 2 hours, Grouting took under 1 hour and sealing the grout 15 minutes.   So what’s my new favorite project in the house?
Oh, it’s the $25 and 3 hours spent laundry room back-splash! 
Is it weird that i creepily sweep my hand across it and smile every I walk in there?

What a cheap and easy transformation!

Of course I couldn’t take pictures of the actual tile cutting – Andy was occupied for hours putting Savannah to sleep (that sounds crazy, i know, but no joke this process can take up to 2 hours…she is the queen of deflection.  What 2 year old actually needs 1 cold carrot at 9pm and then again at 2 am?).

So here are some shots of the process…to start make sure your edge is level.  The subway tile is super easy and self explanatory…I worked out to in (by “in” I mean the corner, I’m really good with technical terms).  Start your 1st row with a full tile and second row starts with 1 tile cut in half.  Then repeat!
**I used a bullnose edge which is optional

 The spacers are just over 1/8″…placed at every edge, vertical and horizontal.

 For your thin set mortar (bonding agent for the tile) I prefer to use dry mix and make a batch every time…vs the pre-mixed stuff.   Not sure why it’s just my preference!

And here is the money shot, all clean and grouted!
Since I used 1/8″ spacers I went with a sanded grout (any spaces 1/8″ and larger you should use a sanded vs non-sanded grout).  Grout Color Choice was just slightly off white.
**I also love dark gray grout in subway tile and if my counters were white…I would have chose that option…

If your interested in seeing this project from the start…here is the link to the post on laundry room progress.

Here is an easy how to on tiling and grouting…or just email me and ask!   I’m no expert but I’m full of advice!

Well I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to get this room accessorized and share a final reveal!!!

– Katie

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