DIY Fuax & No Sew Roman Shades

This past week I have been focused on expelling junk in preparation for our Annual Neighborhood garage sale (30+ homes)…when I found a few yards of unused fabric that I purchased a long time ago.   I can’t remember why I bought this linen floral fabric but I was pretty stoked to reconnect with this cute stash of adorableness.   

I have been searching for weeks for a fabric to make curtains in the laundry room…but I was coming up short every time. 

No I Finally took “Laundry Room Curtains” off my To Do List and I’m over the moon to say that this project was Free for me since I already owned everything…Two Cheers for Hoarders!

So here is my down and dirty, cheap and easy, Faux Roman Shade How To…

 Making a Faux Roman Shade was a great option for me since our house is set far off the street and on a hill…so no one can even see in the windows.  Plus I love having the room in a constantly Bright and Airy feelingIf you prefer a Roller Shade I have a tutorial on that {Here}

DIY Faux Roman Shade Supplies List:

  • Fabric of choice in appropriate size
  • Stitch Whichery
  • Iron
  • Scrap Wood – mine was 2″ wide and .5″ thick
  • Screws and Drill
  • Staple Gun

 I set the new window treatments above the windows…I saw this in one of Jenny Komenda’s (Little Green Notebook) room’s that she styled and I love how it adds some drama and makes the ceilings feel higher.

DIY Faux Roman Shade How To:

  • First I cut my wood to the width of the window and predrilled holels for securing into the wall
  • Next I measured the window and created a curtain with the sides and bottom folded and secured with stitch witchery. 
  • I used a staple gun to secure the top part of the fabric to the wood
  •  For the Faux Roman Shade portion I just folded a “lip” in the fabric and used stitch witchery to secure in place. It’s hard to describe…I’m not using technical terms…but the picture says a thousand words.
  • Repeat as many time as you desire…I only made 2 folds.
  •  Measure, Mark the wall and drill.

The Project was incredibly simple and it only took me from start to total complete finish and even clean up…2 hours!

Here is a quick before and after…

And my favorite Final Shot…because they are just so stinkin’ cute!


I hope you enjoyed and I will be back asap With a Full Reveal and cost breakdown of the Laundry Room…FINALLY!!!  

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