June Recap || Deets for July

Where the heck did the month go?  Seriously, I say this every month, I blinked and we are onto the next month…Cray Cray!    This month was wild, my head is still spinning, and I can honestly admit that I had my hands in too many “big” projects at once.  But the result of that is the Laundry Room is finally complete, I’m moving onto the decorating phase of the Master Bedroom Room Upgrade, the new fence is about 3 weekend away from being totally finished and I just revealed that we will be focusing out next efforts on the Dream Garage!

Here are a few of my favorite (and yours too) moments from this month and some sneak peak deets for July.  

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Laundry Room is Complete and Fully Revealed

It took one more month than planned, but I came in under my $200 budget and the room looks FAB-U-LOUS!

Before and After Feature on Apartment Therapy

I still can’t speak those words without doing a giddy jig.  I’m smiles from ear to ear and still shocked this little Bloggie’s Ikea Hack’s got featured!

Ikea Hack || Malm Upgrade

Now Sew and Faux Roman Shades

The best free project ever and the inspiration of a hopefully new weekly topic (more on that below in the Deets for July)

DIY Chevron Wood Storage Containers

This was just a cool fun project…I got cray cray with the saw.  Who doesn’t love those projects!

So the Deets for July feels more like some goal setting for myself…

#1)   FINISH THE FENCE!  Yes I intended to shout that one out!  Don’t get me wrong it’s a great project, hard work and I’m learning some very essential building knowledge but I just enjoy more “creative” projecting…so my juices are feeling slightly stifled. Here is Part 1 of Building a Fence project, hopefully Part 2 will be a Fence Reveal!

#2)  Finish and Reveal Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Dream Garage Project… 

#1) Make a Mud Room

#2) Consolidate Storage

#3) Consolidate Utility Space

#3)  I’m planning on starting a new weekly post on $5 Fabulous.   If you haven’t caught on yet….I’m cheap.  I love reusing, refurbing and thrifting to make the best out of what I have.   So, if I haven’t whipped up some funky fresh idea I’ll grab a post to feature from one of my bloggie friends…these ladies are wicked smart and crafty! 

Here are a few examples of my projects that are 

$5 Fabulous:

Painting Stripes to Transform

{DIY} Chalkboard Table Top

{DIY} Glam Frames

{DIY} No Sew Faux Roman Shades

#4) Finish Decorating and Final Reveal the Master Bedroom!  So pumped about this!

So I’ll be back on Tuesday with a 4 day post series…$40 + 4 Projects + 4 Days.   I’m excited to show some little tweaks that resulted in major progress for our master bathroom!  

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