Biggest project of 2014!

Well…I guess I should just say it for you all…Shame On Me for dropping off the face of the bloggie planet with no explanation at all!   But I’m back…kinda sorta…and wanted to say sincerely that I’m sorry to leave you readers and my bloggie friends hanging and in the dark.   But in all fairness I did have good reason…and well let’s just get it all out there with my first official SELFIE!

Yep you read it correctly…there is tiny little babe in there!  And hubs and I are so over the moon that I just had to be selfish and keep everything about this second baby a secret!   Plus lets face it…I don’t do pregnancy well and between hugging the toilet my overwhelming need for sleep…I just haven’t had time for much DIY or bloging!

But to all of you who stuck with me…thank you so much for reading and again sorry for being absent!   But have no fear…I promise that progress on the Fireplace is being made and Andy is actually starting to take over the Garage Dreamin’ Project!

I hope to post later this week on Phase 2 of the Den Fireplace Project…for a refresher here is where I left off!

Den Fireplace Inspiration

Den Fireplace Project Part 1 ||  Adding Drywall

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