Den Fireplace Transformation || Reveal

Finally…the fireplace refacing is complete!   I am so excited to share with you the truly dramatic transformation that this fireplace/built-in self has undergone! 

Like I have said from the beginning of this project…there wasn’t anything wrong with the floor to ceiling brick…it just wasn’t my style!   This new craftsman style fireplace just gives so much more dimension to the room.   The crown molding, custom woodworking – THANK YOU DAD – and new dramatic mantel just make me want to sing and shout and let it all out! 

oh yes and who doesn’t also LOVE the Fancy Pantsy new Tile surround!  You can read about that Phase of the project {HERE}.

so to jog your memory…here is a shot of my Inspiration…I posted all about it {HERE}.  I have to say that aside from a few modifications…I think I nailed it!

and now for my favorite…Before and Afters!

 and close ups!

so for those of you who are actually looking for the detailed posts on how I accomplished this major project you can jump back and see how things progressed!

Den Fireplace Inspiration
Den Fireplace Project Phase 1  ||  Adding Drywall
Den Fireplace Project Phase 2  ||  Tape, Corner Bead and Make Seamless

Den Fireplace Project Phase 3  ||  Cover old Brick with Tile


Final Phases were adding the woodwork, trim and crown molding

oh yes and the Mantel…what a disaster that was!   I can’t even attempt to “how to” that beast of a project…but none the less we I have lessons learned 

1) I have poor geometry skills.  2) measure twice cut once.  3) always get a second opinion like from someone who knows what they are doing aka…my Dad.

and now that the Brick Fireplace Refacing is complete we have slated sometime post baby to add cabinets to the sides/bottom halves of these built-ins and then also install some under shelf lighting.

And lets not forget to address the useless ceiling light that we have in here and oh and yes I need some new fab artwork to hang!

So once the Holiday Hoopla slows down I can get back to work on the garage dreamin’ project!  Remember that BIG Project I started and stopped so I could indulge in this new fireplace!?! Well we are about to complete phase 3 of 5 and things are progressing.  Well only because my Dad is Amazing and continues to donate his DIY genius and priceless time to my crazy Ideas!  I’m spoiled to have his help..but HE created the DIY monster I’ve become so how could he not want to help out and see what type of crazy I’m getting myself into!  

PS did I mention that my in-laws got me a 9 gallon shop vac for my Birthday!  Woot Woot!!! The other day I spent 2 hours vacuuming that garage…it was pure joy.

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