How the Heck are you!

So it’s been just about a million years since I posted and I have to say…is anyone out there!  No really…at one point I had amassed a small but mighty group of regular readers and I flew the coup.  Literally, I got knocked up and just plain disappeared!   I stopped posting, passed most of my DIY wish list off to my Dad and laid my fine little booty on the couch.  My daily routines of pinterest, late night projects and hanging out with my virtual bloggie peeps went by the wayside for ice cream sundays and watching Party Down South and Chrisley Knows Best.

But lets not kid here, there have been some pretty fun undocumented projects that went down in the past 6 month…but my “get up and go” nature literally took a nose dive. Not just because of the pregnancy/baby, sick dog and just plain exhaustion from NON-STOP projects…I got poisoned!   Don’t freak…not for reals…it was more of a mental state.   You know, it is not easy for anyone who puts them self “out there” as a DIY/Home Improvement “blogger”, a mother, a wife…or better yet a human being who breathes, to prevent comparison from getting the best of them.   It just got sad that something I love so dearly – my blog and DIY’ing – just pooped me out because of the emotional sides of it.  “Is this cool enough”, “Wow [insert regularly read blogs name]house looks so snazzy”, “Wow what a crazy DIY project, why didn’t I think of that”.   And then there’s the guilt when people tell me that my blog makes them feel bad about themselves!   GAH…that one just tears me apart.  No one wants anyone to feel bad about themselves…this blog is a place for love.  Love of DIY, Sharing Creative Ideas and Love of the cutest stinking baby you have ever seen…Boom in your face!

So now that you have seen the cutest stinking baby ever…I hope to heck you didn’t compare your dang kid to mine!   

If you did…please stop reading immediately!  

Everything I just said went way over your head!  

Shut the computer, have a drink and come back once you have chilled the heck out!

So, I think I’m back, at least for now.   I have long list of projects to share with you and if I can find the time between my sassy almost 4 year old and my little stinky 6 month old you might get a peak inside our DIY chaos.   I would certainly love to have you along for the ride!  

This is my new mantra…pin it, print it, burn it in your eyeballs…and then lets have some DIY fun!

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