It’s a Dirty Job…but someones gotta seal it!

OK I’ve been grouting my brains out lately and I stumbled upon some knowledge I wish I knew long ago…like I should be sealing my grout at least once a year!  Possibly even every 6 months…whoopsy daisy!  Well, i always seal my grout after a new project and I’m going to be getting on a more regular schedule!  Here are … Read more

April Revisited and deets for May!

Since May is here and I’m finishing up my very first month of Blogging…I thought it would be fun to share a quick recap of my favorite posts and also share the deets about whats on deck for May! So here a some favorite Posts & Projects from April: {DIY} and $25 Subway Tile! {DIY} … Read more

Our Kitchen & Powder Room are featured on Blogger Homes!

Kinda cool day today…Our Kitchen Remodel and Powder Room are featured on Blogger Homes!  It’s so fun to see the fruits of my labor up on someone else’s blog!  Cool!!!  So please go and check it out! And don’t forget to check out the House Tour Page…new Photo’s are up! oh yeah…and if you subscribed to the blog in the last 2 … Read more

My Game of Thrones…

ok Facebook page is finally up and running!  Don’t forget to follow along! So…you know that project that hangs over your head and every-time you look at it (or in my case sit on it) you think “what the heck… finish that already”.  Well, it took me 1 year to complete the most simple and cheap upgrade…but I finally upgraded our … Read more

1 mile of paint – trim and doors galore!

I promise this shameless promotion will end soon…I know it’s annoying, but i have to ask!!!#1 please sign up for my email list….how?  Look to the right in the side bar, add your email and then go to your email to confirm you are a real person!  In the future I hope to have more interactive posts and … Read more

Sign up to Show Love…Come follow me!

Thank you for visiting me! First off…thank you for taking the time to visit our blog and checking out our DIY Adventures!  Please enjoy, comment and ask any questions…I take the time to read everything and I will  always comment back.  Can I ask one thing of you? #1 please sign up for my email list….how?  Look to … Read more

Subway Tile is Up and it’s the Bomb!

Ok, I seriously love white subway tile and  I love that they are everywhere!  They just feel so clean and organized!  You basically can’t look in a design magazine without catching a glimps of this stuff.  And I’m pretty sure that every one of my favorite bloggers have subway tile somewhere in their house.   Random Fact – We had originally planned on … Read more

Dirt Cheap Crafty…{DIY} Paper Art

OK we’re going to play a little game of Word Association…When I say “scrapbook paper” what comes to mind?a) you have too much time on your handsb) what is that?c) Dirt Cheap Art  answer is C my peeps!  I love Crafty and I love Cheap…So here is some Dirt Cheap {DIY} Art!   Custom Letter … Read more

Kitchen Remodel Complete…

I’m so excited to share the completed Kitchen Remodel and I’m not going to lie, this project was completed a while ago, it’s just really difficult to take pictures with a dog and toddler running around!  A day when the house is clean, we have good lighting and an entertained toddler is very very hard to come by.     … Read more

Master Bedroom: Before Pics and Inspiration

The laundry room project is nearing a close (final reveal coming soon..booya koosha) and of course I am getting antsy for a new project.  I really feel like a master bedroom overhaul is just the right fix.  And to tell you the truth, in the 6ish years that Andy and I have been living together … Read more