Friday, May 3, 2013

April Revisited and deets for May!

Since May is here and I'm finishing up my very first month of Blogging...I thought it would be fun to share a quick recap of my favorite posts and also share the deets about whats on deck for May!

So here a some favorite Posts & Projects from April:

A Trip to Hawaii
>>nanny nanny boo boo

Laundry Room Reveal
>>One final Trip to Ikea and we'll be complete (does anyone else find getting to Ikea incredibly cumbersome?)

Impromptu Hallway Upgrade
>>I love left overs and paint is no exception...I'm putting my left over paint to good use! 

Master Bedroom Progress
>>Painting Galore - Ugh..I'm soar just from painting the ceiling!
>>{DIY} More on Wainscoting - with detailed how to!
>>{DIY} Bedside Tables

Some House Tour Updates
>>There are a few Rooms in our house that are complete but I just haven't had the time to post and share with you all!

{DIY} Fence Repairs
>>If you follow our blog on facebook you may have seen some demolished fence..darn ivy!  Andy and my Dad are slated for that one!

So I hope you are getting to enjoy spring!  It has certainly sprung in we just have to get past this spring cold season and we'll be golden!

 - Katie

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