Laundry Room Progress || New Shelving

We Finally have shelves in the Laundry Room, 3 Cheers!!! Wahoo for additional storage! Wahoo I finally made it out to Ikea (but oh snap, I’m driving out there again today…I always forget something) and Wahoo because they are so darn snazzy.  These shelves are the perfect blend of rustic and industrial…I smile every time I go in there!

The shelving Brackets are from Ikea and Home Depot for the wood.  They do sell natural pine at Ikea for a great price, but it’s really thin, that’s why I opted for Home Depot wood.

Material and Price List for the New Laundry Room Shelves:

2 – 7.5″ {Ekby Brakets} from Ikea- $10  ($5/per set)

1 – 7.5″ {Ekby Connecting Bracket} from Ikea- $5

1 – 7″ x 8′ piece of wood from Home Depot – $10

Varathane Wood Stain in Early American from Home Depot – $4.54

Varathane Polyurethane in Satin from Home Depot- $5.98

Total Cost – $36

New Laundry Room Shelves How To:

First I cut my wood to desired length, then I gave the wood some rustic flair…that’s fancy talk for I banged the heck out of it.  I used whatever was around (sledge hammer, crow bar, a chain and a meat cleaver).  I must have Mommy Rage because I really enjoyed that part.

I applied 1 coat of wood stain…apply, wait 10-15 minutes and wipe clean. 

At first I was totally bummed about the shade of the stain…it did not look how i anticipated…but once it dried and I applied 2 coats of satin finish, I decided that I LOVE IT!!! 

Project Time Frame:

***project was completed in 3 days; 30 minutes per day

Day 1: 30 minutes for Rustic Flair and Staining

Day 2: 15 minutes, 2 times in one day for 2 coats of Satin Finish

Day 3: 30 minutes for Install

Total hours: 1.5ish hours

Here is shot of the original laundry room…

and here is our progress shot! 

And now the with Shelves…I am so in love…

 Next up is all the fun stuff…Accessorizing and Decorating!   I can’t wait and of course you guys will get to hear every detail! Thanks for reading guys!

Laundry Room To Do List:

Shelf Staging and Accessorizing


DIY Curtains
New Light: pendant? or school house? ….anyone anyone?

phase 2…a new sink?

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