Every now and a then there is trend that hits the blogoshere and I just can’t stop myself from jumping on the band wagon.  There is something about Pom Pom Fringe that just hits me in the nostalgia department and makes me giddy.  I think every little girl has some encounter with this trim and … Read more

Organization Progress…

It definitely seems very strange to be writing about organization and DIY with all the craziness going on in Boston and Texas right now. I’m thinking about all the people who have lost their lives and been injured in Texas and in Boston.  Both are just incredible tragedies.  It feels crazy to just go on with my life and not do anything…I … Read more

Malachite…Hot or Not?

OK..I regularly read a couple of east coast blogs {listed under my fav blogs section} and there is a ton of Chitter Chat about Malachite.   I seriously just can’t stop thinking about it..I’m concocting DIY ideas.  I’m pretty close to running down to the thrift store and DIY’ing some lamps for my master bedroom.   The look is an acquired taste and it definitely would not fit into … Read more

Let there be light!

New pendant light is hung in Savannah’s big girl room and check it out, I loves it!  It has great simplicity but just enough wow and playfulness…in a glass orb sorta way.    When I purchased the {pendant light} I had actually intended on buying the style that you just screw into your light bulb and instantly converts … Read more

Laundry Room Progress…

Ok…I am so jazzed at how the Laundry Room Makeover is going and I am dying to share a quick update on the progress!  A few weeks ago I {posted} about some recent inspiration i had found and I’m happy to say things are turning out just as planned. I am slowly gaining a soothing, light … Read more

Poppin’ Tags!

For reals I just said that, and I’m not gunna lie, I’m so uncool I had to google it.  But seriously now, Savannah and I hit up the local thrift shop and scored some major finds.  We we’re Poppin’ Tags…What what!  The Mirror – $20 The Duck – $6  I am crazy in love with … Read more

{DIY} Roller Shade – $40 & No Sew!

After a month of incubating ideas on window treatments for the Powder Room I finally have a Custom Window treatment that only cost $40 and I didn’t have to pull out my sewing machine!  My neighbors will be thanking me, because don’t for a second that the lack of window treatment stopped me from using that gorg … Read more

Powder Room Complete…BOOYA!!!

Ok, so most of you have seen the majority of my powder room though my posts on my herringbone floor and on my brushstrokes art.  But I just finally finished my window treatment and I figured it was time to get the whole room and some sources up on the blog.   Here is a list of the steps/work we did on … Read more

Time to get Organized!

Ok..so we’ve been in our house for 1 year and finally the dust is settling from a few major  projects.  But now all I can think about is getting organized!  I’ve been totally vibin’ some great creative “getting organized” ideas from Pinterest and here are a few that I am DEFINATLY getting done this spring.  All of these are so flipin’ easy its crazy I … Read more

Freezer Meals…Nom Nom Nom

A friend from work started doing these “Freezer Meals” from pinterest…and I thought it was such a good idea.  I loved the concept of having already pre-made & frozen meals that I could just plop in the crock-pot before I left for work.  Seriously sounded AWESOME!!!  In my house, there are many days that the fridge is … Read more