Laundry Room FAIL!

DAMN IT_DAMN IT_DAMN IT!!!   My Cabinate Door just bite the dust.  Yesterday I literally drove 2 blocks with my beautifully freshly painted white cabinet door on the hood of my car (where I had intentionally placed for safe keeping)…and of course I did not notice it was there until I heard the thudding sound of my SUV driving over it!   The … Read more

Herringbone Floors..Prettiest Darn Floors EVER!!!

My Herringbone floors are quite possibly the Prettiest Darn Floors EVER!  This is one of the projects I’m most proud of and was defiantly daring in project complexity.  But lets be honest I’m patting my own back…and air patting my Dads (he’s the king and helped so much).  We ROCK and these floors are just FAB-U-LOUS!!!  In horrible fashion I … Read more

Laundry Room Makeover Inspiration

So I’m elbows deep in an unexpected Laundry Room Makeover project…and I just had to share some inspiration. I have a tiny tiny budget so I’m going for the greatest bang for the smallest dollar…also known as painting.   My plan is to paint everything excluding floor and appliances :).   I am just giddy about how amazing this room is going … Read more

Savannah’s Big Girl Room…almost complete!

Here is my first post of Savannah’s Big Girl Room.  I have been dreaming about this project for months…hopping and stressing that it would all come together and as of today we are more then 90% complete.  Final things we need are fabric for curtains and delivery of her overhead light and then i will put … Read more

what…Air plants need AIR?

I recently got this adorable Air Plant Basket from my lovely sister Liz.  It was a great way to say I’m thinking about you….and it’s a gift that continues to make me smile every day.   Plus don’t you know…Air Plants are soooo hot right now?  Anyways, I was in need of a thank you gift for a friend and so … Read more

My New Jugs…

Yeah I said it….but totally not what I’m talking about….geesh what’s wrong with you!  I’m talking about my new impromptu purchase during my late night run to Target.  Like always during target visits I had to peruse the home decor section and when i saw these two glass jugs {ON CLEARANCE} I thought Bingzy, Bangzy, Boomzy we have a winner!    … Read more

Painting A Front Door in the Friendliest Town in the US

It’s been one year since we moved to Sammamish, WA {officially voted friendliest Town in the US} woot woot…and we haven’t been happier.   We purchased what we considered to be our dream home, 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom, 2 car garage and unbelievable amounts of closet space, especially coming from our tiny “206” Townhome ..this place certainly feels like a mansion.  But … Read more