DIY || Glam Magnets

Thank you everyone for the truly kind words about our little man Teddy.  Little update, he has started his medication and although I haven’t seen a direct improvement…I’m hoping that internally he feels some relief!    So…I finally have a project completed and I am just totally digging it.  I whipped up some supper snazzy … Read more

Thoughts on Teddy…

What a week…well absent week I should say.   I wish my “absentee” excuse was that I was out doing crazy fun things with Savannah or that it’s because I am sooo busy on a super secret project…but the truth is I’m just bummed out.   Last week Andy and I got some really sad … Read more

Den Project Begins || Adding Drywall to Brick

And so it Begins!   The Den is officially getting some werk done and there isn’t one moment that goes by that I’m not second guessing myself, super stressing about my ability to knock this project out of the park, or just plain giddy that this room should and will eventually look amazeballs.     So to remind … Read more

Adding Crown to Cabinets || Instant Upgrade

Way back when I started this little ole blog…I posted about our Kitchen Renovation.  And months later there hasn’t been a single thing I would change about the work that we did…I still love my painted cabinets, the mosaic marble is my BFF and my HUGE sink is well…the bomb.  But I did however feel like … Read more

Fence Complete!!!

TADA!   A NEW FENCE! The fork has been stabbed into this project…the fence is soo complete!   We finished staining and adding capers this week and I have to say things look pretty dang good! If you are eager to see progress pictures on the fence building here are the links to Fence Part 1 Fence Part … Read more

No Soliciting Sign || $5 Fabulous

Here is a Quick little $5 fabulous project that I whipped up last week.   I have had this on my “to do” list for ages!   So here’s the back story on this bad boy…we get ALOT of solicitors in our neighborhood….seriously a lot and for some reason they always seem to come knocking/ringing the doorbell (which sends out … Read more

Building a Fence || Part 2

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I mentioned the biggest project of the summer!  Well it’s time for me to start bragging about our 200 feet of brand new fence!  I’m sure most of you thought we just gave up on this project…and after doing it I wouldn’t blame anyone who decided to hire this type … Read more

July Recap || Deets for August

I’m sad to say that July is over because here in Seattle that means we only have about 2 more months of fun in the sun!  On a personal note this has been such an amazing July…Savannah has been such a doll and growing up so fast.  She started preschool this month which has been a success, … Read more

Z Gallery Insired Decor || Glam Tray

So last week I posted about these fabulous {Z Gallerie Inspired Coasters} (aka Toddler Frisbee) and today I have another fabulous project that was inspired by that same trip to Z Gallerie. Check out our new Glammed up serving tray!!!  I like to tell people that this tray is business in the front and party in the … Read more

Z Gallerie Inspired || $5 Fabulous Coasters

And our second $5 Fabulous Projects is…Z Gallerie Inspired Coasters!Check out our very first $5 fabulous which was our {Garage Glam Stairs}OK back to business…has anyone been to Z Gallerie lately?   Maybe it’s me…but I was certainly diggin’ the goods a little more than normal this last visit!   I was so in love I was creepily … Read more