Monday, July 29, 2013

Z Gallery Insired Decor || Glam Tray

So last week I posted about these fabulous {Z Gallerie Inspired Coasters} (aka Toddler Frisbee) and today I have another fabulous project that was inspired by that same trip to Z Gallerie.
Check out our new Glammed up serving tray!!!  I like to tell people that this tray is business in the front and party in the back!
I'm gunna get a little frank here and let you all in on a little secret...I'm slightly obsessed white and Gold and Greek Keys at the moment.   I'm sure no one noticed this though...wink!
As you can see the tray was just a basic wood one from Target..I think they sell for around $13.  And now all glammed up it fit way better in the room...oh and it will look amazeballs with my {improved built-ins and covered brick fireplace}!
So here is a quick how to....this one is a no brain-er and if you probably own everything needed for this project. 
Greek Key Glam Tray Supplies List:
Primer and Paint (recommend spray paint)
Exacto knife
Gold Paint Sharpie
Brad Nails (scrap-booking materials)
Super Glue
I cut the backs off the Brad Nails so they could be glued flush with the tray.
For the stencil I printed and enlarged an image found online and then used an exacto knife to cut out the image.   Then I traced and painted the image with a Gold Paint Sharpie Pen.   I actually bought this pen for my {Glam Frames} and was not impressed with the look...but I was so pleased with how it turned out for this project....the sharpie pen gets my approval now!
Then I glued on my brad nails in the desired fashion and voila!
I hope enjoyed this little crafty project because this might be one of the last ones for a while...I'm about to embark on some big Home DIY projects!  I'm so excited to get my power tool on!!!  
Thanks for stopping by and if you are new to the blog...feel free to follow along...all my buttons are below or on the right sidebar...I'll love you for it!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Z Gallerie Inspired || $5 Fabulous Coasters

And our second $5 Fabulous Projects is...Z Gallerie Inspired Coasters!
Check out our very first $5 fabulous which was our {Garage Glam Stairs}
OK back to business...has anyone been to Z Gallerie lately?   Maybe it's me...but I was certainly diggin' the goods a little more than normal this last visit!   I was so in love I was creepily taking pictures whilst trying to not be noticed by the sales people...yup I'm that girl who turns over the coasters and yells "TWENTY DOLLARS!" and then immediately takes a picture so I can DIY.
So here are a few of the awesome accessories that I loved! 
There were many more lovelies but many were non-DIY hopefuls and what's the fun in that?!!!
 So here are my Z Gallerie Inspired...well, actually more like "knock off" Coasters.
Z Gallerie Coaster  - $20
My{DIY}Habits Coasters - $2.30 
($2.30 because I already owned all the other material except the coasters) 
{DIY} Z Gallery Coasters Supplies and Price List:
MDF Coasters - Ben Franklin - $2
Craft Tape - (already owned but a roll is typically about $3ish)
Primer - (already owned)
Gold Leaf Paint - (already owned)
White High Gloss Spray Paint -  (already owned but a can typically costs about $4)
Polyurethane Spray Paint Finish - (already owned)
1 Square of Felt - $0.30
Super Glue - (already owned)
Total Cost for me: $2.30

{DIY Z} Gallery Coasters How To:
This ones crazy simple...just follow the pictures!
after I pealed off the tape I touched up with some white acrylic paint..totally optionalOnce dry I sprayed 2 coats of a polyurethane spray paint.
Then I added some felt to the backside...securing with super glue.
Aside from my killer thrift store coasters that I found last week...this is the first complete set of coasters that I have ever owned...I feel so mature!
I have a couple other Z Gallerie inspired projects that I we'll be back with next week.  So until then have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to hop on back here next week...I'll love you for it!!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY ADD and Fireplace Obsessions!

Seriously what is wrong with me....I just can't stop "projecting".  I may actually have a problem.   I have too many half finished projects (master bedroom, garage, new fence) and I'm already planning a new BIG project!  I'm seriously married to the most patient man you Andy!
I think pinterest is to blame for my DIY ADD...while I love the accessible knowledge and inspiration at my finger tips...I can't stop myself once I get a new "idea" in my mind.   At times like this I have to remember the words of my dear friend Brad C.  While his wife Ashley and I spend hours conjuring up all the changes we want for our houses....he sits calmly and says "'s not a's a marathon!"   So funny....who is he kidding!  I have an itch I just can't scratch and that itch is my new obsession with Fireplaces!   So no thanks to pinterest and photoshop...I now have a MAJOR fireplace project that I want to start like yesterday.   One major hiccup is I only have the current DIY knowledge and experience to complete 1/3 of the project.  YouTube don't fail me now I have a lot of learning to do!!!
So here is the current shot of our Den/TV Room

It's cozy...nothing wrong ...but there is soooo much more we can do in this room!
#1)  Amazeballs marble tile around the fireplace
#2) Add cabinets to the lower portion of the built-ins to increase storage space
#3) Rid this word of the horrible brick and cover it up with drywall
#4) Redonculously amazing wood work that makes visitors say "oh snap"
I'm thinking something like this...
 Now I'm sure some of you are thinking "oh brick it's so cute, vintage and charming "...but our home was built in the 80's, it's much more of a traditional style home and in our neck of the woods...we are surrounded by new construction which absolutely does not have floor to ceiling brick fireplaces!  Keeping the brick or even painting the brick only holds our home how snazy is the fireplace with all that molding and woodwork!
This transformation would make such an impact!  We would finally have a place to stash/hide the toys and the room would be so much more luxurious!
And while I'm at it..I think I will finally take out the old tile surrounding the living room fireplace and add in some carrera marble tiles.
Don't you think some beautiful marble mosaic or even a herringbone pattern would look lovely...oh I'm so itch-in' to get started!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{DIY} Dorothy Draper File Cabinet

Let's get to the point....file cabinets are Not Cute!  Sure some have vintage charm, but most are just plain ugly.   But when I actually get around to filing I feel like I deserve to be greeted with something fantsy I got a little cray cray and whipped up this new and improved Dorothy Draper inspired thrift store Filing Cabinet!
But first, I have a bone to pick with Goodwill.   I don't know if the rest of America is suffering from the recent glorification of thrift shopping (umm...thanks Macklemore) but here in Seattle its getting a little RIDICULOUS.   Do you know that I passed up 3 very similar file cabinets that were priced at $15-$19!!!   WHAT THE HECK...seriously still in shock over here.  Worst part is someone got swindled they were sold in no time!  My husband is so thankful that I found this one for $5.99....serisously he's really good at faking interest but I know he could careless about the current wrinkle in my relationship with goodwill.   And if you don't care either...we'll shame on you.  Just kidding please feel free to skip to the next picture..I don't take offense!
And here is another shot of this super fabulous vehicle for organization...
Dorothy Draper File Cabinet Supplies and Cost Breakdown:
File cabinet - Goodwill $5.99
Zinsser Primer (I went with oil base) - already owned
Martha Stewart Gold Paint in Golden Pearl - $5.48  (a little goes a long way!!!)
Painters Tape - I prefer frog but any works
White Paint - spray paint or latex and use a spray gun
Total Cost: less than $8

Dorothy Draper File Cabinet How To 
Fist clean very well...dawn and water, or rubbing alcohol, or de-glosser.  Then prime.   For metal and ceramic items I typically use a oil based primer because it bonds much better.
Next I painted the drawer Fronts and Top in gold...but I had a major accident...the paint crackled!  If this hasn't happened to you well, then your in luck.  I'm pretty sure it is related to poor cleaning and/or heat.   It was cray cray hot when I was projecting and since we rarely experience this in Seattle I wasn't thinking!  Spray paint is very testy in the heat.
So I waited for the paint to dry - like days for the paint to dry - and then sanded out the crackle.   Then I drove my butt to Home Depot and found this Gold Martha Stewart Paint.  I think I'm in love.  I'm super happy with the gold shade's a bit more "mink" then my gold leaf...which was perfect for this project.   The 10oz can is only $5.48..which I appreciated and no this is not a sponsored or post...I just really liked this stuff!
After the Gold Paint was dry I built my design with painters tape and then painted another coat of gold over which prevents bleeding and secures the tape..thanks Ashley you saved the day again with this crazy fun tip!
And Voila...
I seriously love this File Cabinet...I'm even contemplating using it as and end table.
Best part is we now have 2 drawers to hoard paper instead of the much for my lean filing system!